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Chance Encounters || Under The Sun


July 2023 

Stoked to be a part of  exhibition featuring prints that are part of a portfolio exchange and organized in partnership with IS projects.


Studio 18 Art Complex

THE ELLIES Teacher Travel Grant - Japan Trip @oolitearts #The Ellies!

Summer 2023 

BIG THANK YOU to The Ellies Teacher Travel Grant for providing me with funds for travel to enrich my classroom & curriculum.

Luminous: The Art of Neon

February 9th - May 21st,  2023 

Luminous: The Art of Neon, an exhibition inspired by the life and work of Long Island City local neon artist, Gerry Rose. 


The exhibition showcases the vibrant and dynamic world of neon art, featuring works that explore the medium's unique ability to capture and transmit light!


Ellies Creator Winner


I’m excited to announce that I received an award from #TheEllies! Thank you @oolitearts for supporting my work and investing in my project Neon Napkin Notes. I can’t wait to share the progress of my project with everyone.

Congratulations to all my fellow winners as well! Check us all out at

Into The Fold | Collaborative Book Arts In South Florida

July - August 2021

Into The Fold highlights a series of eleven artist books and the artists who made them. Each book is the result of a collaboration between the artist and printmaking and book arts studio, IS Projects, made possible through their artist book publishing program, Existent Books. 


The Art of Books and Printmaking

June 11th - August 21st, 2022

My book has been included in the BookBound: The Art of Books and Printmaking show at the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood curated by Meaghan Kent. It was selected as a part of the Participating Organizations via IS Projects. 

Hope you get a chance to stop by!!!

Art&CultureCenterHollywood // BookBound

Warp and Weft

July - September 2021

Presented by The Frank in the City of Pembroke Pines, The Exhibit Warp and Weft features various Fiber artists on the main floor as well as FAMA [Fiber Artists Miami Association] members in the upstairs area. 

Submersible Thoughts


February 2021 - April 2021 

Celebrating the 7-year anniversary of my first exhibition with the Art Center of South Florida, things have come full circle with the opportunity to exhibit once more in the same space with Oolite Arts.


Oolite Arts

Now Be Here

October 2020

Conceived in 2016, Now Be Here exists to give visibility to woman-identifying and non-binary artists, bringing equity to the art world. This directory serves as a conduit between you and these artists, myself included! Browse and find new artists and join in this epic project.

Now Be Here


Nov 2019 - May 2020

Presented by Mitte Projects & Wynwood Arts 29, Play Me is an exhibit featuring over 42 local South Florida artists merging the usual viewing experience with sound. Each room is curated to accompany a specific song to various media seamlessly.

It will be open for Basel, stop by if you can:

95 NW 29th Street. Miami, FL. 33127 

I'm a Recipient of THE ELLIES Teacher Travel Grant! - Going to Japan for @oolitearts #The Ellies!


October 23, 2019

Still in disbelief to have won this great educational international travel opportunity.


The Ellies Teacher Travel Grants will provide five K-12 teachers with funds for travel that will ultimately enrich their classroom curriculum. By encouraging teachers to explore and share art experiences with their students, these grants will help create the audiences that our museums and arts organizations need to thrive.

Identity the New Frontier

October 19, 2019 

This exhibit and activation will take place at The Laundromat Art Space in Little Haiti! 

The Miami New Media Festival promotes art through the exploration of new technologies and interactive narratives, such as video art, animation, digital art, and interactive mapping. The festival also presents exhibitions in cities in Latin America and Spain.

Hope that you can make it!!!

Fall 2019 - 2020 Artist Access (ART) Grants Program Awardee

October 2019

Grateful to have been selected as one of the artists to be granted an Artist Access ART Grant! 

Funded by Miami-Dade County and offered in partnership with FUNDarte, the Artist Access Grant Program is designed to assist practicing, professional artists in any medium or discipline residing in Miami-Dade County pursue and secure artistic professional development and educational opportunities. 

Artists Draw Their Studios

September 14, 2019 - through

January 5, 2020

What is a workplace like when the conventional definitions of work and play don’t apply? Artists Draw Their Studios is an opportunity for the public to appreciate the intimate and eccentric relationships artists have with their own workplaces. 

Invited by artist and guest curator Michelle Weinberg, more than 50 artists will contribute drawings of their workplaces in a unique project that exposes the diverse ways that artists perceive their own creative work and lives.



September 2019

Established in 2005, the “COLLABO” is a Miami-based, artist-organized exhibition founded by artists Bhakti Baxter and Jason Hedges and continued by Agustina Woodgate, Justin H Long and others. Always taking place at different venues throughout the city, COLLABO has been hosted at loaned vacant warehouses and alternative art spaces including Bas Fisher Invitational, Frederic Snitzer Gallery and Bakehouse Art Complex. This year’s space is generously provided by MANA Contemporary. It's time again, rising from the ashes the COLLABO is back. Following the tradition held five times before, COLLABO 6 ALL IN! engages the Miami Art community to come together, and as before, the only rule is that artists must collaborate to create a new artwork in any media. 

Miami Herald Article: LINK HERE

TEXT at Ann Street Gallery

August 24 - October 19, 2019 

As a vehicle for artistic expression, the use of text provides artists with the perfect platform for creating a dialogue with their viewers. Words are powerful tools. They influence the way people think and react; they reflect one's thoughts and effect behaviors; they also form a system of conventionalized symbols used for communicating, language. This exhibit features eighteen artists myself included.

The TEXT exhibit was curated by Virginia Walsh in conjunction with the Safe Harbors Newburgh Literary Festival.

Voyage MIA

July 2019

If you'd like a little more insight on my journey, it's now available in my own words via VoyageMIA. Funny enough, after two years of crossing emails, this opportunity has finally reached fruition.


Thank you to Gail Williams for referring me in 2017, Lujan Candria for referring me in 2018, and Lissette Schaeffler for referring me in 2019.

Lastly a big thank you to VoyagMIA for highlighting locals and communities in this beautiful city we call home.

VoyageMIA Article: LINK HERE

131 Projects presents: The Bicayne Bay Show at the Allapattah Building


May 31st, 2019

Dating back millennia, Biscayne Bay was home to an indigenous society that mastered their natural surroundings. Archeological findings confirmed that the Tequesta people lived in a manner fully symbiotic with this ecosystem.

Many artists residing in Greater Miami are connected to the unique nature of this region. Both physically and culturally, this historically rich environment has influenced the practice of each artist that has chosen to participate in this group exhibition. In a variety of modalities, these creators share perspectives immersed in expressions of Biscayne Bay’s immutable presence.

Triangle Miami Article: LINK HERE


November 23rd - December 9, 2018

This December Brickell City Centre (BCC), Miami’s will host FREE!, an alternative, non-commercial contemporary art fair made possible by Swire Properties Inc.

FREE! will present an intersectional group of artists creating site-specific interventions in a non-traditional venue. 

I'll be on view at the “Locals Only Preview” on Black Friday, offering the community a first look at large-scale works. My piece Mirror Phase is on the reverse side of the bridge. It's a 40-foot long sculptural haiku made from a mirror that reflects the external environment, piquing the interest of passersby and engaging public spatial awareness.  

Culture Cast exhibit at Mana Miami

December 2018

Culture Cast is a group exhibition featureing Tamara Despujols, Laura Marsh, Maria Theresa Barbist, and myself. Hailing from four different backgrounds, places, training, and media, this all female show incorporates a reversal of the gaze and opens up a cultural conversation in this project space. 

The space is going to be further activated by having five minute open door conversations with the visitors who stop by at the opening.

Prasel Basel, in Wynwood, FL


November 30th, 2018

Before the seasonal art birds descend on Miami, i'm looking forward to being a part of a locals only show spearheaded by Fallen Rose and Sharif Slimting. The Prasel Basel participating artists are: Agent 7, Atomik, Beatriz Chachamovits, Erwin Gerogi & Liz Tokatlilar, Fallen Rose, Karim Teran, Luna Palazzolo, Muta, Naps, Oliver Sanchez, Renda Writer, Sharif Slimting, Tesoro Carolina, and myself.

Stop by if you are in the area the show runs from 6-11 @ 164 NW 20th St 33127

Music by Carlitos Martinez and Nii Tei

Pushing The Pull presented by SPF South Florida at the FATVillage Projects

November 10 - December 11, 2018

SPF South Florida presents Pushing the Pull, an exhibition featuring the work of thirty artists whose artistic practice pushes the boundaries of printmaking.

Through a series of print-driven works, Pushing the Pull celebrates both the tradition of printmaking and its contemporary applications by showcasing its diversity in execution and evolving potential. 

TEXTual [My First Artist Book!] is

NOW AVAILABLE for Purchase!

May  2018- PRESENT

TEXTual is the sixth installment of the Existent Books publishing program and was produced at IS Projects during the Spring of 2018 and released at the opening of Text(ured), my gallery solo show at IS Projects. This book combines screenprinting, digital printing, and letterpress printing with a die-cut voer. All screenprinting was done by hand in the studio by Ingrid Schindall and all letterpress printing and die-cutting was done on the Vandercook SP15. 

Tetxure(d) at IS Projects

May - June 2018

Texture(d) is a solo exhibition of tactile prints which reverse the technological disconnect of flat, digitally printed matter found on screens and examines printmaking beyond the two dimensional realm. Completed during a week-long artist residency, the goal of this body of work was to increase the viewer's desire to engage with text through physical connection and touch. Texture(d) honed in on the materials that remain invisible and instead makes the overlooked tools in printmaking the prime focus. 

"Imperial State of Mind" prints are NOW AVAILABLE for Purchase! 

April 2018- PRESENT

Selected as the first artist to joint the La Bodega Gallery Shop, I am excited to unveil a print that was initially imagined back during my NYC stomping ground days. Released in unison with the (con)text​ exhibit, this print can now be yours for purchase onsite or if you order it online. Big thank you to Miguel Ayuso and Johnny Thornton for this chance.

La Bodega Gallery Shop


(con)text​ at La Bodega Gallery

April 6th - May 1st 2018

(con)text is a group exhibition curated by Karen Mainenti and Johnny Thornton, featuring five artists who incorporate text in their art practices in dynamic ways. The artworks selected for this exhibition use language as a device to explore social and political issues within their work. Each artist utilizes text in distinctive ways—employing different mediums, techniques and aesthetic strategies—to create a visual language reflective of their respective subject matters.   

Processed Prose, at the Bakehouse Art Complex


March 20th - April 30th 2018

Processed Prose celebrates Miami’s month-long poetry festival O, Miami and was conceived as an homage to National Poetry Month, celebrated every April since 1996. Despite being its source of inspiration, however, the written word is rarely at the forefront of the artworks featured in this exhibition: words are burned, extracted, implied, indecipherable, or simply not there, yet their ghostly presence is heavily felt. 

TBD Independent Projects presents Bitches, Witches, & Shots


DECEMBER 6 - 10 2017

Happy to be a part of this ALL FEMALE show titled "Bitches, Witches & Shots". The

TBD Independent Project brings together a group of women artists that work on the wide notion of censorship in regards to the body, words, thoughts, sexuality, intellect, personality and gender issues. 

Located at PINTA in MANA 

BOOTH G07 - Next to the VIP Lounge

SCOPIC CIPHERS, at the Williams McCall Gallery in Coconut Grove


"Scopic Ciphers" is a solo exhibition presented by the Williams McCall Gallery of my most current body of work that explores the multiplicity of meanings in accordance to sociopolitical power dynamics and national identity.

Growing Pebbles at Sleep Center New York in NYC, NY

March 2018

In celebration of the amazing teaching career by Don Porcaro, his students will be showing artwork alongside some of his new pieces at Sleep Center NY, to give thanks, and demonstrate what we've been up to post Parsons. If you are in NY stop by and check it out!

Opening on March 9th- March 30th

9 Monroe Street, Basement, NY, NY 10002

#RAINTERTAINMENT presented by ACSF and Lincoln Road


MAY - JULY 2017

#RAINTERTAINMENT article written by RYAN PFEFFER for Time Out Miami titled "Next time it rains on Lincoln Road, look down". 

Article link here!

#RAINTERTAINMENT presented by ACSF and Lincoln Road


MAY - JULY 2017

#RAINTERTAINMENT article written by JOSH BAUMGARD for Curbed Miami titled "Miami Beach’s Raining Poetry Activation unveiled on Lincoln Road". 

Check out the link below!

Hand Made presented by La Bodega Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


I am happy to share that I am participating  in "Hand Made" this winter season at La Bodega Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. This event will assemble a dynamic group of 25+ artists from the New York area and beyond.

Opening on December 9th in South Park Slope!!!! Gallery hours are NOON-8pm.

Peeling Teeth with SIDEPIECE SPACE


APRIL 1st- JUNE 2017

I'm currently showing a new artwork with SidePiece Space in Little Haiti titled "Peeling Teeth". If you are in the vicinity, stop by no matter the hour and peek in to see it. 


NOTE: It's en plein air.

#RAINTERTAINMENT presented by ACSF and Lincoln Road

MAY - JULY 2017

I am pleased to announce that I am collaborating with the talented AMLgMATD, on a few pieces and that will be on view alongside artwork by LEBO, this Summer on Lincoln Road!

#RAINTERTAINMENT presented by ACSF and Lincoln Road

MAY - JULY 2017

#RAINTERTAINMENT is an ongoing collaborative installation by AMLgMATD,  LEBO, & myself Elysa D. Batista, and shall be on display during the Summer of 2017 on Lincoln Road. Don't stay indoors when it rains, as you can only see the artwork when it's wet!!!

WORDPLAY at Laundromat Art Space

APRIL 8th - APRIL 29th 2017

I will be participating in a group show titled "Word Play" alongside artists JC Rodriguez and Ronald Sanchez during National Poetry Month. If you are in the Little Haiti area make sure to stop by. 

ATRIUM at Bakehouse Art Complex


APRIL 1st - APRIL 30th 2017

Excited to take part in a group show in the Atrium at the Bakehouse Art Complex during National Poetry Month. If you are in the Wynwood Arts District, come on out!

Showcase with ACSF


PRESENT - APRIL 10th 2017

Showcasing artwork with the Art Center South Florida during National Poetry Month. If you are in the Miami Beach area, drive, bike, skate, or walk by the space! NOTE: It reflects the best at night.

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